Rick and Morty - RORTY

Today has been busy with client work, in a good way. I am always super thankful to have something to work on! Lauren decided to press play on a few Rick and Morty episodes. While taking a break, I started sketching what it would be like if they were combined somehow. See sketch below:


I decided to not just make this a sketchbook thing. I went to Adobe Illustrator and took it digital which turned into this:


It's pretty different from what I normally make, but I'm super happy with how it turned out! The most important parts to take away from playing around while busy with client work: I had fun AND felt a creative refresh.


Back in April, I launched a project with my friend Maz. I had posted a self-portrait I made for some personal branding and he reached out to me to commission an avatar. Below is part of the process. He sent me an amazing mood board that helped me stay on track (not pictured).

We talked over the phone a few times to go over the sketches and a final sketch was agreed upon.

Then I took that sketch to Adobe Illustrator to make it come to life even more than it already had!