Here is a video I put together while documenting the process of the DOME.

DOME SWEET DOME was featured on the Element Eden Blog!

For our final Senior Seminar project, we all got into groups around a subject we were interested in learning more about. After a class of shouting out ideas we were, in the end, put into groups by our team of professors. Our group was focused on the ideas and physical traits of shelter. After researching shelters we came across a major interest in geodesic domes, first built and designed by Buckminster Fuller. Geodomes synthesize graphic design and architecture together. This is what we were going to build, and so we did...

The group dynamic was incredible. I have never worked on a school group project with such ease and integrity to ourselves as designers. I think that the dome structure holds such honesty and has such a kind feeling. We were able to accomplish the physical structure even after one failed attempt at building it. We also got the vibe that we were aiming for while dreaming up our geodome. I am super thankful to have worked with these talented friends.

Brian Foy
Carra Sykes
Cory Murphy
Hannah Swann
Hunter Nye
Karolina Bassi

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